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June 30, 2017
Metal Injection gives dreamstates an 8/10!

The songs that I found to be particularly representative of boldly venturing out include "Days Later" and "Cryogenesis," where vocalist Austin Bentley breaks out of his Tommy Giles Rogers imitation pigeonhole is proof that there is far more range there with hints of Good Tiger and The Contortionist shown instead. "Bones of the Sky" was easily the biggest surprise as the minimal piano instrumentation resisted the urge to go heavy by choosing to prioritize the song's melody. Last but not least, "Fractals" seems to be a perfect sum up of all that was showcased on Dreamstates. With the previously mentioned bands still woven within, they appear to come off as influences rather than ripoffs. I do think it's also important to mention that part of the reason that Dreamstateshas such a strong connection to BTBAM's sound is due to the fact that the record is mixed and mastered by Jamie King. Perhaps my expectations of production aren't super high with bands' debut album, but I just have to say, the entire record sounds brilliantly crystal clear.
- Riley Rowe

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