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Machines of Man is a five-piece Progressive Metal band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Fully formed in 2014, they bring an ebb and flow of ambience, tonal shifts, and melodic drive to the progressive metal sphere. Their debut album, "Dreamstates" is an exploration of self and limits. Machines of Man has been privileged to work with some incredible artists and engineers on this album and would like to give many thanks to Jamie King at The Basement Recordings, Juan Orozco, and Greg Shaw at Man vs. Music studio. The band has toured statewide with an electric response, meshing well with a diverse array of musical styles. Machines of Man has played with acts such as Fallujah, Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders, The Contortionist, The Faceless, Last Chance to Reason, The Human Abstract, Rings of Saturn, and Volumes, with many more to come.


Aaron Loredo | Guitar

Aaron proudly plays PRS Guitars, Fractal Audio Systems Pre-amps, VHT Power Amps, Avatar Cabs, Ernie Ball Strings, and Rocktron Controllers.

Instagram @aaronloredo1


Austin bentley | Vocals

Austin does stuff.

Instagram @darthbentley


Jonathan Ramanujam | Drums

Jon proudly plays DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Evans Heads, and Shure In-Ears.

Instagram @jonramjam


Rocky Schofield | Bass

Rocky proudly plays Spector Basses, Yamaha Basses, Fender Amps, Ampeg Cabs, and Ernie Ball Strings.

Instagram @rockyqmom


Chris Aguilar | Guitar

Chris proudly plays Ibanez Guitars, Godin Guitars, Axe-FX Pre-amps, MXR Pedals, TC Electronics, Hawthorne Electronics, Monster Cables, and Ernie Ball Strings.

Instagram @chrisaguilar011