August 3, 2017

Alex Blackburn of SLUG Magazine sheds some positive light on Dreamstates!

"Cascading guitar lines might be the highlight of Dreamstates, but Machines of Man show a lot of prowess on their first full-length release. I’m a sucker for odd time signatures, and this album delivers on syncopation, mathcore goodness and mad rhythms. I can’t get over how crazy the guitar skills are on this bad boy—so if you’ve got a hankering for screamin’ strings (and vocals), intricate riffs and fast drum fills, you should put your ears to use on this one."
- Alex Blackburn

JUNE 30, 2017

Metal Injection gives Dreamstates an 8/10!

"The songs that I found to be particularly representative of boldly venturing out include "Days Later" and "Cryogenesis," where vocalist Austin Bentley breaks out of his Tommy Giles Rogers imitation pigeonhole is proof that there is far more range there with hints of Good Tiger and The Contortionist shown instead. "Bones of the Sky" was easily the biggest surprise as the minimal piano instrumentation resisted the urge to go heavy by choosing to prioritize the song's melody. Last but not least, "Fractals" seems to be a perfect sum up of all that was showcased on Dreamstates. With the previously mentioned bands still woven within, they appear to come off as influences rather than ripoffs. I do think it's also important to mention that part of the reason that Dreamstateshas such a strong connection to BTBAM's sound is due to the fact that the record is mixed and mastered by Jamie King. Perhaps my expectations of production aren't super high with bands' debut album, but I just have to say, the entire record sounds brilliantly crystal clear."
- Riley Rowe

June 29, 2017

Toilet ov Hell Reviews our debut album, Dreamstates!

"If I had to compare them to any one band, it would probably be my dear Between the Buried and Me, but Machines of Man manage to make the sound their own AND not have the record drag on with potentially infuriating 15-minute epics. That’s really the album’s strong point: it’s complex and varied, yet concise enough to not let your mind wander too far off."
- Moshito

June 5, 2017

Rocky talks with Nick of Progarchy about his inspirations and releasing "Dreamstates"!

"We had a few of these songs around for a while and things were looking a bit bleak to be frank. After some time to step outside ourselves and really evaluate what we were doing and who we were, there was a renewal of inspiration and drive to get this album made. The process has been a long and difficult road, and I don’t think any of us would change that for anything. I’m glad we went through the lows because I feel it helped us really put our hearts and souls into creating this thing that has become Dreamstates. For me that’s exactly what this album represents."
- Rocky Schofield

May 22, 2017

Jordan Gale of It Djents gives some insight into what to expect from our upcoming debut album Dreamstates!

"One of the defining qualities of Machines of Man is their refreshing spin on a saturated genre, their music being a fluid amalgamation of elements that sits nicely on the palate. They feature lush ambience, aggressive modern metal riffs, and a pronounced melodic core that drives their songs forward, while also finding space for some quirky, jazz inspired interludes. All of these elements play well within the context of their broad soundscape. As a result, their music is very rich in substance. The band’s flair for melody takes pride of place in the band’ upcoming debut album, Dreamstates."
- Jordan Gale

May 5, 2017

Austin chats it up with Metal Horizons and discusses concepts, stories, and new material!

"From a sort of conceptual point of view, Fractals is the idea of taking a step back and examining yourself, or more-so the idea of yourself. The thing that makes you, well, you. Call it the ego, spirit, whatever you want, but truly becoming aware of oneself and one’s own mortality can be a totally remarkable, and yet also absolutely horrifying experience. Am I me? Do I even exist? The song represents acknowledging those unknowns, those fears, those walls, and accepting that those elements have always been there in your life, with or without you knowing it. Change comes and goes, we’re just along for the ride."
- Austin Bentley

April 20, 2017

Jon takes a moment to chat with Darryl Weppler of Prog-Sphere about the creative process behind the scenes of Machines of Man, and what to expect in the upcoming months.

"Machines of Man, from the get-go, has always been an outlet for pushing ourselves artistically. We aspire to artists that allow themselves the freedom to dabble in styles from all reaches of the musical spectrum, and hope to bake that freedom into our musical stew, as well! Hopefully, others enjoy listening to this goulash as much as we enjoy cooking it."
-Jonathan Ramanujam